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ginger myths | how the world has made stuff up about gingers

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ginger myths

"Those whose hair is red, of a certain peculiar shade, are unmistakably vampires"

the Malleus Maleficarum

In various times and cultures, red hair has been prized, feared, and ridiculed.
Red hair and green eyes were thought to be the sign of a witch, a werewolf or a vampire
during the Middle Ages.

Redheads have always been seen as having fiery tempers, a sharp tongue and a sexual appetite.

So what other untruths have been told about the noble and glorious ginger?

Other untruths and myths about gingers and redheads we can put to bed:

Taking a ginger into your home will cause milk to spoil
True? Unlikely, unless we leave the milk out of the fridge. In fact a single ginger hair placed into milk has been found to extend its shelf-life by almost an hour.

Having a ginger guest is bad luck
True? Historically gingers have been found to bring nothing but beneficial luck into homes and a surprisingly large number of big lottery winners have been found to have recently "rubbed a ginger" in the belief that some of that ginger luck would rub off.

Gingers are likely to be vampires
True? We are no more likely to be vampires than people with any other hair colour, but gingers do suit the pale look much more and as an added bonus many are already used to taking the required sun precautions.

Gingers frighten horses
True? Horses prefer gingers and thatís a scientific fact. Carrot or stick? You decide.

Gingers have to eat carrots to maintain their hair colour
True? Itís not essential, but carrots are tasty and good for you. A flamingo has to eat its own body weight in shrimp to remain pink. Gingers can get by with one carrot a month.

Gingers only buy one brand of battery due to a sponsorship deal
True? Some brands last significantly longer than others and we
do like value for money being mostly Scottish (statistically), so we tend to favour anything with a copper coloured top. There is no sponsorship deal. Yet.

Oranges are the only fruit that gingers eat
True? We value oranges for their high dose of vitamin C, but also like clementines, satsumas and tangerines.

Gingers will never have heard your ginger joke before and will find it funny
True? it depends on how you tell it and / or if youíre being ironic

The phrase "Hey Jimmy" is a good way to get a gingerís attention
This one is true. We love being called Jimmy, we love those delightful Hey Jimmy wigs and we love people who come to Scotland and wear them for comic effect. We even have a pet word for these people.

Heard any more gingerlore?

Drop us a line, and we'll research it using the lastest scientific techniques.

We'll leave no stone unturned until we have found out what's true and what's a myth.

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